The electrical panel plays a vital role in your home. The unique design of the breaker panel can keep the electrical appliances and systems running without causing any damage during a power surge. Unfortunately, not all homes have the latest breaker panels and homeowners fail to understand the importance of electrical panels unless things of awry. Upgrading breaker panels may cost high. But, upgrading can result in providing several benefits. Read ahead to know more.

About Breaker Panel

Before going into deep, you should know the meaning of the breaker panel. It will help you understand if you need an upgrade or not. A breaker panel remains in your basement or other areas of the home where you may not look for it. Until the circuit trips, you may never try to find its location. A breaker panel distributes the electricity obtained from the utility company to various electrical circuits in your home. How can you know if your home needs breaker panel upgrades? Here are some of the factors influencing the decision:

  • The panel has fuses
  • Burning smell
  • Flickering lights
  • Breakers fail to stay ON
  • You have a home older than twenty years

If your home has an old panel installed or the panel causes issues with electricity distribution, consult an electrician. An expert can advise whether you need to consider upgrading it or not.

#1 Peace OF Mind

A breaker panel upgrade seems costly. But it can save your and your family’s life from structural fires. Many people have died due to the electrical fire caused by faulty breaker panels. If your home has old electric panels, it increases the risk of structural fires. Upgrading can keep your family safe and provide peace of mind.

#2 Get Consistent Power

The electricity needs to power the new-gen electronic items may vary from old times. Efficiency holds utmost importance when it comes to powering the latest devices. When you have an upgraded electric panel in your home, it ensures all the outlets and appliances get the necessary power. It prevents any additional strain on the appliances. Consistent power also lowers energy bills.

#3 Add More Outlets

Electrical work requires time and money to complete. When you think about upgrading the electric panel, consider adding more outlets. These outlets can provide necessary electrical power to the rooms and electrical appliances in your home. Completing it with the upgrading of the electric panel can save labor costs. Electricians can complete the task along with the upgrade.

#4 Add Value To Home

Upgrading the breaker panels with add value to the home. The upgrade allows the use of newer and modern electrical appliances. It means you can use expensive equipment without fearing damage. It increases the home value when you put it up for sale.

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We cannot imagine a day without electricity. Electricity has become a vital part of modern living. But, are you aware of the main components responsible for the safe distribution of electricity in your home? An electrical breaker panel or circuit breaker panel refers to one such significant component. An electric breaker panel distributes the power from your utility company to various electrical circuits in your home. You can see the flat grey metal box in your basement, utility room, or garage. Inside the box, you can find circuit breakers that can protect the wiring of the various areas in your home when overload can occur. Here are some of the vital facts about the electric breaker panel.

  • The electric breaker panel performs the function of regulating the power coming into the house and its safe distribution.
  • When you plug in too many electrical appliances, the electric breaker panel can cut the power to save the electronic devices from getting damaged. The power trips when the electrical appliances you plug in have a short.
  • The main breaker distributes power to each circuit and limits the electricity to protect the various appliances and devices from damage due to excess electricity passage.
  • You can choose the breaker boxes based on the amount of power handled and the number of circuit breakers designed to handle. You can find single-pole circuit breakers that can handle 120 volts. A double pole of electric breaker panel can handle 240 Volts. You should choose a double pole when your home has heavy appliances or water heaters.
  • The electric breaker panel can operate up to 80% of its capacity. While choosing the electric breaker, your electrician calculates your electricity needs to decide the accurate number of circuit breakers required to handle your home electricity needs.

Your home gets the electricity from the utility company’s generator through a transformer. It passes to the meter and enters the service box in your home. From the service box, it flows to different outlets and switches. When failure occurs, it becomes difficult for you to determine the exact issue. To troubleshoot the problem accurately and find the best solutions, you need the services of an expert team. You can get assistance from Nextgen Electric. The team of experts can offer ideal solutions to all your electrical needs depending on your specific requirements. The customized solutions from NextGen professionals can make it easier to live your life using all electric devices without fear. The solutions provided will help save energy. The expert technicians at NextGen have more than a decade of experience in the field. The fully trained professionals with advanced degrees in electrical and electronic systems can deliver solutions without any time delay.

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Wear and tear can affect the electric panel in your home. You should take care of the electric panel and circuits in your home to keep the appliances safe. Keeping the electrical panel updated will safeguard the life of you and your family. Unfortunately, homeowners dread upgrading the electrical panel due to the high expense linked to it. Many fail to upgrade electric panels as they feel it has no importance. Upgrading the electric panel can overcome the risks posed due to poorly functioning or outdated electrical panels. With most of us using electricity every day, checking the electrical panel and upgrading it at the right time can prevent any unwanted complications. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider replacing it.

  • Enhanced Safety
    Electrical fires have become the main cause of deaths and damage to homes/appliances in recent times. Outdated or overwhelmed panels increase the risk of electric fires. To prevent the danger, you must consider upgrading the electric panel. It keeps your family safe from accidents triggered due to faulty electrical systems.
  • Boost Home Value
    Having updated electric panels in your home boosts safety. It will increase your home’s appeal when you list the house. The real estate market responds favorably to houses with updated electric panels and circuits. It is a significant investment that can increase property value. With more and more people using heavy electrical appliances and devices, they choose houses that can meet their needs. Having upgraded electric panels can suit their purpose.
  • Protects Electrical Systems
    An updated electrical panel can prevent shorts or overload that can damage the electronics or latest appliances. An electrical panel with no capability to handle the increased power needs can put your home at risk of electrical fires. It cannot keep up with the rising energy consumption leading to constant tripping of power. When such incidents happen, your devices and appliances can become damaged.

A damaged appliance can put additional expenses. It becomes intolerable when your expensive electronic devices like game consoles, smart TVs, or laptops become affected. Installing a new electrical panel allows you to use heavy appliances or devices without tripping.

Updating electrical panels can improve the appearance and value of your home or office. With the best electrical upgrade services, you can safeguard your home and business. But, you should select the best electrical company to perform the enhancement work for your home. Only a team of electrical experts with qualifications and experience can provide customized solutions at competitive prices. The proficient team can provide services meeting the highest standards to keep your home or office safe from electrical fires. NextGen Electric, located in South Florida, USA is one such platform offering solutions to all your electrical needs. The professionals can provide the best solutions to save energy and make your life easier.

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For any home or property owner, the electrical system has to be of prime importance, without any doubt. However, it is not just in terms of functionality in terms of what the electrical system will do; at the same time, the safety of the property is of great concern.

Electric Panels are usually located at places out of sight.

You will realize that the electric panel might be where you may not generally come across. It can be in the basement or the laundry cupboard, usually out of sight. They may not come to your notice unless there is a circuit trip. The electrical panel might have become worn out, and there may be a need to replace them. Timely replacement is vital for the safety of your property against fires, a significant risk to your property.

The replacement of old and worn-out electric panels has many benefits

Ensures better safety

The first and foremost benefit of replacing old and worn-out electric panels with new and advanced ones is that they ensure better safety. Thus, if you find they are giving indications, they must be replaced from a safety point of view. In addition, you need to realize that there are always the risks of short circuits and fires resulting from them if the electric panel is poorly maintained. It is imperative, therefore, for the safety of your property to have them replaced timely.

Effective power supply

Along with the need for electric panel replacement in terms of safety, you must realize that the same can help with a more efficient power supply to your property or home. You will realize that the electrical system installed in your home was with a particular set of electrical points. But over time, you might have undertaken some renovation or additions to your property. Suppose you find that you are frequently reaching out for a power extension cord at your home for powering your home appliances. In that case, it is probably time you need to add some electrical points to your existing electrical system.

Owing to this, you not only need to add points to the points but at the same time to accommodate these additional electrical circuits, the electric panel replacement might be necessary. However, it will lead to a better distribution of the electrical power to your home and eliminate the many risks of excessive electrical power being supplied over the capacity.

Expect a more consistent power supply.

With the older and outdated electrical panels, you might often encounter frequent power trips. You also need to note that some of the modern home appliances of the current times need high electrical power to function. To avoid frequent electrical trips and for a more consistent supply, the need for a replacement of the old electrical panel becomes necessary.

Conclusion To conclude, we can say that the electrical panel for any home or property is indeed critical. More than other reasons safety is something which you must not compromise with and have timely replacement whenever necessary.

As a homeowner, you will realize that, along with many other things, your home’s electrical panel requires your attention. After all, it supplies the right amount of power to each space in your home. Externally they might seem safe and reliable, but there may be times when they can show signs of wear and tear. Many indications, ranging from flickering lights to strange smells, indicate the need for upgradation in the electric breaker panel. Let us explore some common indications to help your cause:

If the circuit breakers trip frequently

You need to note that the circuit breaker trip helps in stopping the excessive electrical flow. The mechanism is designed to protect the circuit from overheating and causing other damage. It is also possible that your home energy exceeds the capacity of your current electrical panel. Here again, the circuit breaker helps in protecting the electrical circuits. If you have a situation where tripping happens frequently, it indicates that you may need to upgrade the electrical panel in your home.

Old and damaged wiring

Gradually you will find that your home wiring is aging over time and might start to deteriorate. If this happens, you might see the flickering of lights or, at times, experience shock while touching an appliance. Apart from this, you might also find a burning smell near appliances or see any faded black marks around the panel. If you observe these kinds of signs, it is most likely there is a problem with the wiring, and you should immediately look for services to upgrade the electrical panel.

You might have fuses and not circuit breakers.

If your home is old, the electrical systems used at the time may be pretty old and outdated. It would be best to determine whether it has a fused-based electrical system. These were old electrical systems and were not always very effective. Electrical systems are far more advanced and developed to provide better safety and efficiency. If you find that the electric system of your home is old and outdated, it is time you should now consider upgrading it to the use of the latest and modern electrical breaker panel.

If the electrical breaker panel does not have an adequate number of outlets

You must observe whether you often reach for a power strip to compensate for the lack of electrical outlets throughout your home. It also indicates that the current electrical panel cannot handle the increased electrical flow. In such cases, in case there is a need for the accommodational of additional circuits in it. It is another indication of the need to upgrade the electrical breaker panel for your home. It is time when you need to use the latest available that will suit your specific purpose.

Conclusion To conclude, we can see that the electrical breaker panel is indeed a very vital component of your home’s safety. Therefore, if you find you are facing any of the problems mentioned here, it is time you need to upgrade your home electrical panel.

Introduction – An electrical panel, also known as a breaker panel, is a small box with a door that is typically incorporated into a wall in a secluded area of your home. The breaker switches for your home are all found inside. It is possible to turn breakers on and off via switches. They are designed to shut off automatically if excessive electrical current flows through them. There is a standard circuit breaker in the electrical panel that regulates the electricity to the entire house. Additionally, you’ll see separate breakers, each of which is in charge of supplying electricity to a different area of your house. Each circuit breaker should be labeled to indicate the area of the house it controls.

  1. Locating your electric panel –

Metal boxes that are usually grey in color are electrical panels. It is common practice to install them into a wall.

There are doors on electrical panels. Behind the door are various wires and switches; the latter are your circuit breakers.

Typically, electrical panels are located in a remote area of your house. An electrical panel is frequently installed in garages, basements, laundry rooms, storage rooms, or storage rooms. You might even need to search outside for your panel in some older houses.

A common location for the panel is behind a bedroom door or immediately inside the apartment itself, near the front door.

  1. The functioning of an electric panel –

When a circuit is overloaded, circuit breakers trip, which causes them to shut off. They are precautions taken to ensure that the home and its electrical systems are safe. If the breaker didn’t trip and cut off the electricity, an overloaded circuit may start a fire or electrocute someone.

One circuit is controlled by each breaker, and each circuit often correlates to rooms or a section of the home. Power-hungry appliances like air conditioners or electric ranges may have their own breaker. If the current through the breaker exceeds the amount it was designed to handle, the breaker will trip. For instance, this can happen if too many gadgets are plugged into one circuit.

  1. Things that can go wrong in an electric panel –
  • Trip preventer – As was already mentioned, if a circuit is overloaded, a circuit breaker will trip. For instance, you might use your hairdryer while utilizing your desktop computer and TV. They might be connected to the same circuit even though they are all connected to different outlets. The breaker can trip as a result of drawing too much power as a result of this.
  • Inadequate ability -It can be a capacity problem if you have a circuit that frequently trips (or numerous breakers).
  • Corrosion – Electrical boards or the wiring surrounding them corroding is a sign of moisture buildup. Electricity and moisture do not mix well (obviously).
  • Short circuits – Breakers should be instantly tripped by short circuits. When you restore a tripped switch, and it trips again right away, the most likely cause is a short circuit.

Conclusion – Your home’s electricity is supplied via an outside electrical meter, which travels to your electrical box. So, these are some important and interesting facts about an electric panel in your home.

Introduction – Replace your electrical panel now, whether you’re getting your house ready to sell or you’re worried about those strange electrical problems you’ve been experiencing lately.

The cost of replacing an electrical panel is minimal, but the benefits in terms of convenience and safety for the home are enormous. Not certain if a panel replacement is required? Keep an eye out for these indicators that your electric panel needs to be replaced.

  1. Circuit Breaker Constantly Trips – It’s more than a hassle when one of your circuit breakers keeps tripping. It’s quite risky. This warning sign alerts you to a problem with your home’s electrical panel, the breaker itself, or the wiring. Have an electrician examine your wiring system and substitute the appropriate component in any of these scenarios.
  1. You Reside in an Aged House – Actually, the headline of this sign should read, “You reside in an older home.” Electrical panels have a finite lifespan, like other home appliances, and occasionally need to be repaired as a matter of routine. Electric panels typically last 30 to 50 years, roughly. This implies that even a home built in the late 1980s may have an outdated electrical panel, placing your home at risk of an accidental malfunction.
  1. Lights flicker – Your lights are not flickering because of a malfunction with the light source when you turn on specific appliances. Instead, it’s a warning that you’re attempting to pull more power than your panel can safely manage. So, think about upgrading your electricity service.
  1. Electrical Panel Has a Bad Odor – Any offensive odour coming from your electrical panel has to be looked into as soon as possible. It could be associated with:
    Charring. Look for burned breakers or melted wiring insulation.
    Rust. On the panel, look for rust, which denotes water infiltration. Electricity + Water = Danger! After locating and removing the moisture source, you’ll need to have a replacement panel put in.
  1. Electrical Panels that Are Too Small – Speaking of power, many electrical panels are really too little for what is required nowadays. The typical household power rating was once 50 amps; subsequently, it rose to 100 amps. In order to accommodate all of our power-hungry appliances, modern homes are fitted with electrical panels that are 200 amps or higher. We advise adding a new electrical panel assembly to your home remodeling plans. By doing so, you’ll be ready to handle the demands of a growing home and be future-proof. Additionally, you’ll be increasing the worth of your home for the time when you intend to sell it.

Conclusion – Safety is essential when it comes to your home’s electrical wiring, as electric supply networks are the third most common reason for house fires in the US. That’s just one of the many causes it’s crucial to inspect and maintain the electrical systems in your home frequently. In particular, the electrical boards are crucial. Along with broken wiring and old appliances, antiquated electrical panels are among the most prevalent electrical risks in homes and businesses.