We cannot imagine a day without electricity. Electricity has become a vital part of modern living. But, are you aware of the main components responsible for the safe distribution of electricity in your home? An electrical breaker panel or circuit breaker panel refers to one such significant component. An electric breaker panel distributes the power from your utility company to various electrical circuits in your home. You can see the flat grey metal box in your basement, utility room, or garage. Inside the box, you can find circuit breakers that can protect the wiring of the various areas in your home when overload can occur. Here are some of the vital facts about the electric breaker panel.

  • The electric breaker panel performs the function of regulating the power coming into the house and its safe distribution.
  • When you plug in too many electrical appliances, the electric breaker panel can cut the power to save the electronic devices from getting damaged. The power trips when the electrical appliances you plug in have a short.
  • The main breaker distributes power to each circuit and limits the electricity to protect the various appliances and devices from damage due to excess electricity passage.
  • You can choose the breaker boxes based on the amount of power handled and the number of circuit breakers designed to handle. You can find single-pole circuit breakers that can handle 120 volts. A double pole of electric breaker panel can handle 240 Volts. You should choose a double pole when your home has heavy appliances or water heaters.
  • The electric breaker panel can operate up to 80% of its capacity. While choosing the electric breaker, your electrician calculates your electricity needs to decide the accurate number of circuit breakers required to handle your home electricity needs.

Your home gets the electricity from the utility company’s generator through a transformer. It passes to the meter and enters the service box in your home. From the service box, it flows to different outlets and switches. When failure occurs, it becomes difficult for you to determine the exact issue. To troubleshoot the problem accurately and find the best solutions, you need the services of an expert team. You can get assistance from Nextgen Electric. The team of experts can offer ideal solutions to all your electrical needs depending on your specific requirements. The customized solutions from NextGen professionals can make it easier to live your life using all electric devices without fear. The solutions provided will help save energy. The expert technicians at NextGen have more than a decade of experience in the field. The fully trained professionals with advanced degrees in electrical and electronic systems can deliver solutions without any time delay.

NextGen Electric also specializes in upgrading electric breaker panels in your home or condo. The experts can also offer complete service to upgrade your home that includes getting necessary permits and drywall repair. The professionals from South Florida offer high-tech solutions to your home to ensure seamless distribution of electricity without any safety issues. The commercial and residential electrical solutions meeting high standards will help you live in peace.

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