At NextGen Electric, we specialize in upgrading breaker panels in condos and homes. We provide the total service including permits and drywall repairs if needed. Our focus is on providing a great experience when replacing your electrical panel. Located in South Florida we provide our services in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Do I need a New Breaker Panel?

Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrade Services in South Florida

We furnish Electrical Panel upgrades to improve your home’s safety and minimize possible problems from incorrectly connected or overloaded circuits. NextGen Electric’s team of experienced electricians delivers dependable and efficient electrical panel improvements around the country. Your electrical panel is the core of your home’s electrical system and serves as the distribution point for all of your home’s electrical circuits.

Our Technology services for home, and diverse solution portfolio, provide us with the resources and capacity to do more for you. If you are uncertain if you need a replacement or if you have any other questions or concerns concerning your circuit breaker panel, please contact us at any time. Our qualified electricians may handle any form of circuit breaker panel replacement.


Your safety is ensured by this crucial feature to contemporary electrical outlets. It is a ground that was integrated into the outlet to stop contact between a hot and a neutral wire, reducing the risk of an electric shock or fire. You will have to install these outlets in lieu of the outdated ones if you move into such an older home.

A faulty breaker can be the cause of this. The breaker has to be replaced right away since it might seriously damage electrical components.

No, not always. But if you frequently trip your breakers, you’ll almost certainly require an upgrade. If you live in an older building with such a fuse box or are suffering a power shortage, you should consider upgrading.

Upgrades to electrical panels often take an hour or less. It might take longer, though, if new wiring is required or the wiring needs to be repaired.

Yes. Old, out-of-date electrical panels pose major fire risks. You can further safeguard yourself, your family, as well as your home by upgrading yours. Additionally, you can take pleasure in a constant power supply in your residence or place of business without having to worry about tripping any circuit breakers. Even more advantageous is the freedom to upgrade your appliances whenever you like.

Either the plug pops out of the outlet without anyone touching it, or just the outlet is flimsy and will move easily. You must take quick action to address the problem if the outlet is either warm or hot toward the touch by unplugging the appliance and calling NextGen Electric Service because this kind of issue could cause a fire.

The answer is that you may buy electrical outlets that have been particularly made to withstand the elements. These are put through additional rigorous testing to ensure that they can withstand conditions like ultraviolet radiation or extreme cold.

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